Brand Strategy

Students walking in the woods.

The University of Minnesota Duluth is a complex organization filled with a wide variety of activities. We reach a diverse audience that is inundated with a large volume of marketing and communication messages. A strong and consistent brand helps us break through the clutter and connect with our audience.

A brand is more than just a logo. It is a feeling, an emotional experience. It is about how others perceive us. With consistent messaging and visual, we can help influence that perception and evolve our brand into what we want to be known for.

UMD has a distinct role within the University of Minnesota system, with unique characteristics such as a powerful sense of place, focus on community, and distinct quality academic experience. As such, we embrace the U of M Driven to Discover brand platform and complement it through our Real Connections campaign to highlight Duluth’s unique attributes.

We are all born with a passion to search, with a fundamental need to discover. At the University of Minnesota, this curiosity is part of our collective DNA. We provide a thriving community for those with an overwhelming drive to teach and to learn, to research, and to serve. At the U of M, we continually inspire the next great generation of innovators and empower each other during our search for knowledge.

We are Driven to Discover.