Many of the same branding rules used for web and print also apply to mass email.

  • Include the University wordmark at the top of a message,
  • Include the wordmark not more than once in the message,
  • Use a wordmark that is a minimum of 220 pixels wide.
  • If not using image, have the “University of Minnesota” prominently placed in the message.

Branded templates and instructions for accessing them are available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Please use the standard email signature.


Mass email sent by University units must be accessible to all message recipients. When creating an HTML mass email message, follow University guidelines, refer to the Accessibility of Information Technology policy, and contact Disability services if you have questions.

Use the following guidelines to ensure your messages meet accessibility requirements.

  • Use heading tags, rather than simply changing the font style, size, weight, and other attributes.
  • Add alternative text for images that convey meaning or represent branding logos and other marks.
  • Hide decorative images using an empty alt attribute --alt]=””.
  • Links should be clear and able to stand alone. Avoid links such as “click here,” “read full article,” “more information” and so on.
  • Do not rely on color alone to convey information.
  • Be sure that the contrast between text and the background is significantly high.
  • Use relative (% and em), rather than absolute (px and pt), font sizing; allowing recipients to adjust text size to meet their needs/preferences.

Mass Email System Features

Below is a list of some of the features of each UMD mass email system.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (was ExactTarget)

  • Subscription, opt-out
  • HTML
  • Tracking
  • Cost per message
  • Account and training required
  • Scheduling
  • Includes ALL lists for internal messaging

Google Groups

  • Subscription, opt-out
  • Ability to format depends on the email client used to send the message
  • No tracking
  • No cost to send messages
  • IT help available for loading large lists
  • Archive of sent messages
  • Configurable - only certain people can send, moderation, etc.
  • Member management, permissions

Paid Advertising in Mass Email

The sale of advertising space in University electronic communications to non-University entities implies an endorsement of a service or product. To preserve its academic independence and integrity, the University of Minnesota Duluth expressly chooses not to allow advertising on University websites, in email, on digital signage, and in other electronic publications. Advertising of any form in University of Minnesota Duluth electronic communications is prohibited.