Consent for Photos and Videos

Consent Forms for Photo and Video

UMD offers a consent form to be used for people in photos and videos. For additional information, please consult the UMD Image Usage Protocol.

Do I need a consent form?

  • If the subject of a photo or video is under 18, you need a consent form.
  • If you are taking posed photographs, a consent form is recommended. For candid shots, use your discretion.
  • In a closed setting, such as a classroom, always try to announce what you are doing and what the images or video may be used for. Allow a comfortable opportunity for people to tell you they may not want to be in the photo or video.
  • In a group that does not allow time for releasing, make a very specific announcement and allow an opportunity for people to tell you if they do not want to be photographed.
  • In a public place, try to look conspicuous so people realize it is a professional photo being taken.
  • If you are taking photographs/video related to a sensitive subject, you need an explanation of what the images/video will be used for and releases from all subjects.

Filming and Photography on Campus

Information for a non-university entity to film on campus or at a university property.