Logos for Faculty and Staff

Below is a quick reference and examples to show how each faculty and staff can or can not use campus identifiers. If you have questions please email us for assistance and clarification.

Use UMD logo(s) on a survey for for a research project. If the survey is part of official University research project, the logo may be used.

Use UMD logo(s) on a grant for federally sponsored project. In general, the logo may be used on grants.

Use a licensed vendor when ordering “swag items” (pin, water bottles, lanyards, t-shirts, pens, etc.). All purchases bearing any registered trademark of the University must be made by a manufacturer licensed by the University. This is true even if purchases are exempt from royalties. These licensees are familiar with the approval process, quality standards, and royalty accounting. A complete list of licensed manufacturers is available through the Trademark Licensing Office.

Use University preferred fonts for marketing materials relating to the university. Each unit is responsible for purchasing its own fonts. Check with your unit for more details. For more information about fonts, visit the Typography section of this website.

Use the University Seal. The regents seal is reserved for awards, gifts, event materials, and documents involving the Board of Regents or bearing the signature of the president or a vice president, chancellor, dean, or member or officer of the Board of Regents. The Seal may be used on certificates, awards, and other similar official documents. Contact University Marketing and Public Relations to request approval to use the seal.

Use UMD logo(s) to endorse vendors. As a public institution, UMD does not provide endorsements for products, services, or vendors. Outside companies can identify the University as a client and describe the product or service provided. If you choose to provide a testimonial, you should make sure that your statement is not mistaken as a University endorsement.

Use the logo(s) in your email signature. Signatures should follow the templates provided.