Using existing content

UMPR maintains the official UMD YouTube page where you will find brand-level video content available for you to share on social media, embed on webpages or in email signatures, and display on digital signage and projector systems. We can also render still images from our videos upon request.

Hiring outside help?

If your college or department is hiring a video producer or video production team, we ask that they communicate with our office to ensure brand standards are upheld. We can provide standard institutional marks and lower third identifiers that can be seamlessly worked in to professional projects.

Going at it alone?

If your college or department is considering tackling a video project internally, below are some tips to consider:

  • Equipment: Visit the UMD Media Hub on the second floor of the library for equipment rental.
  • Light: When possible, choose locations with natural light.
  • Sound: Sound is a critical and often overlooked component to video production. When interviewing a subject, use a lavalier microphone and try to find a quiet location to shoot in. If recording a voiceover, consider using the sound booth in the Media Hub.
  • Movement: Try to find movement in the frame whenever possible. When recording a static subject, consider adding motion to your camera by panning, tilting or tracking. Movement should be naturally motivated and not distracting.
  • Closed captions:  All video content should include closed captions. Please contact our office for instructions if needed.
  • Music: All colleges and departments have access to music and sound effects through Audio Blocks. Video content should never include copyrighted material.
  • For additional information, please consult the UMD Image Usage Protocol.