Institutional Logos

Download Institutional Logos. To download marks you need to authenticate using your x500 username and password. If you don’t have one, please email us for assistance. 

The UMD logo combines three elements: the UMD icon, the wordmark, and the Driven to Discover tag line.

  1. UMD Logo
    The Icon: The Icon is a ligature of the University of Minnesota Duluth. As there are other universities with the “UMD” acronym, the icon should be used sparingly. The icon may only appear by itself with advanced approval from University Marketing and Public Relations.
  2. The Wordmark: The Wordmark is a graphic element, not a type style. It is a foundational brand element which should be used in all communications to provide a visual indication of its origin or source. 

  3. The Driven to Discover tagline: The tagline helps to communicate the brand of the University and should be used in combination with the icon and wordmark as much as possible to amplify the brand.


  • Do not type the Wordmark or use it in a sentence.
  • The Wordmark may not be altered in any way, but may be combined with official unit designations through the unit and Wordmark combination logo.
  • Do not use the ® or ™ symbols with the Wordmark.
  • Registered student groups may not use the Wordmark or Driven to Discover but may use the UMD icon and mascot marks if such use complies with the student group guidelines.


Logos are available in the following configurations. They must be created by University Marketing and Public Relations and may not be redesigned to appear otherwise.

Centered Logo (primary)

The centered logo is the primary logo configuration and should be used whenever possible.

UMD logo

Horizontal Logos (secondary)

The left justified logo is the secondary logo configuration and should be used when the design does not allow for the centered logo.

UMD logo

The elements of the logo should not be separated.

The UMD icon is approved for standalone use in some digital instances designed by the University Marketing and Public Relations, including social media and mobile app icons, and on some merchandise when space is limited. Otherwise, the UMD icon may appear only by itself with advance approval from University Marketing and Public Relations.

Color Variations

Logos are available in three color variations. They may not appear in any color other than what is listed below.

UMD Maroon (preferred)

Logos should appear in the University maroon color variation whenever possible.

UMD logo

Reversed on Dark

On a dark background, the logo should be white. A gold logo should never be used as it can be difficult to read and is outside of brand standards.

UMD logo

One Color (black)

Logos may be used in black when using a color is not an option.

UMD logo