Campaign Positioning

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Campaign Positioning

A brand is big picture. It doesn’t change easily or quickly. A campaign is more targeted. A campaign complements the brand, but has a shorter lifespan and is intended for a much more specific audience.

Our current campaign is called “Real Connections”. But note, that is not a tagline. It is a concept and the campaign positioning. Instead of a set tagline, this campaign allows the communicator to select from a set of headlines, or create a new headline within the campaign positioning. Which is:

It’s easy to be drawn to a place of expansive beauty like Duluth. But attending the University of Minnesota Duluth can be equally inspirational. Here, students have an opportunity to make real connections to other students and faculty, the environment and ultimately to themselves. These connections are driven by a philosophy of shared passion that immerses them in hands-on experiences and intellectually binds them to this amazing place for the rest of their lives.

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