University Merchandise

All individuals, units, and companies must obtain approval before using any of the logos or marks that are trademarks of UMD.

To use any of the university’s marks, you must work with a licensed vendor. Licensed vendors have access to all university logos, wordmarks, colors, and verbiage that is specific to UMD.

Changes to the logos are not permitted. For more detailed explanation of what alterations are not acceptable, please see the logos section of our site.

Logos should be placed on merchandise so that the logo is visible, it should not be covered or layered with other logos or patterns.

UMD will not approve art that does not follow these guidelines, or any art that has been determined to not align with the university’s values or reflect poorly on the institution. This includes but in not limited to:

  • Implying endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity, service or contract by the University of Minnesota Duluth.
  • Alcohol, tobacco or illegal substance graphics or descriptions, sexual connotations, or unauthorized use of other trademarks is prohibited in conjunction with UMD word marks or trademarks.

Steps to getting your artwork approved and produced:

  • Select a licensed vendor to work with. Licensed vendors have access to high-quality marks and have been educated on the brand standards.
  • Supply your artwork to the vendor or work directly with the vendor to create your artwork.
  • Select final artwork. The vendor will then upload the artwork to Trademarx for approval. UMD will review the artwork and approve or request changes before approval.
  • Once the artwork is approved, the vendor may then proceed in producing your merchandise.

Note: Merchandise may be subject to the ten percent royalty fee.